Car #523

1957 Original Dusk Rose Thunderbird


  • 1957 Original Dusk Rose Thunderbird
  • Local Dallas, Texas Thunderbird
  • 312-245 h.p. Thunderbird Special V/8-4BBL
  • Ford-O-Matic 3 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • THE ORIGINAL1957 FORD INVOICE TO: Horn Williams Ford-Dallas Invoiced 6-13-1957
  • Town & Country Signal Seeking Radio
  • Fords Engine Dress Up Option
  • Optional Back Up lights system
  • Body Metal worked for FIT, sanded, prep & Guide coated
  • FIRST Pictures shown prior Minter Restoration
  • FINAL Pictures Show Her As She Is Today
  • Buy Her today, Less than ¼ of Value Finished
  • Finish Her Your Way
  • Do You or Know Someone to Finish Her?
  • Purchase this Original 1957 Dusk Rose As She is Today

Enclosed Delivery As Low as $1.50 per Hauling Mile

Due to  the recent sold  orders of Minter Restorations, we are now  heavily  booked  for 2 years.

Therefore we are offering unfinished Thunderbirds that we had previously set aside for  future Minter  restorations  for sale,  in their current state of restorations.

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